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Greetings from Your Host, Chip Darby

The Final Chapter Radio Show

The Battle Begins... Truth Verses Tradition.

If you are you too scared to think then you have already lost!

My name is Chip Darby, and although I talk about religion, I don’t like to refer to myself as a Christian because I can’t meet everyone else’s expectations of what a Christian should be. I have desired to host a radio program for years after hearing people dodging important questions and conservative hosts riding the fence. I feel you should call a spade a spade and not be afraid to use an old saying for fear of offending anyone.

I have had a lot of experiences which have influenced this program.

I was a Chaplin registered with a major denomination and during this time I ministered inside jails. Although this was not my first experience with Islam it was during this time that I was forced into deeper studies into the history and teachings. I have been privileged enough to see the Dead Sea Scrolls three times in my life and I have followed and studied their origins. I have also been to the caves at Qumran in Israel.

My wife and I own a small business which has required us like most other small businesses, to battle the government bureaucracies in order to keep the business open. In addition we have had to keep up with the false teachings from the green movement and other environmental hypocrisies.

The most recent of these hypocrisies is what initiated my presence on radio. After watching younger people forced to go into debt and older people being forced to do without all because of the ridiculous rules of the Green movement, we began an aggressive anti Green campaign. The radio advertisements led to interviews which led to my program "The Final Chapter."

I am tired of watching self proclaimed conservatives vote for Liberal Republicans and Liberal policies.

I am tired of self proclaimed conservatives trying to legislate morality at the expense of individual liberties.

I am tired of major companies refusing to take a public political stand even when it would serve the best interest of the company and its employees.

I am tired of self proclaimed conservatives using the term religion of peace to describe a religion which has, as a part of its doctrine, the required decapitation of certain groups of people.

I am tired of the ignorance and cowardice of the self proclaimed conservative talk show hosts and their followers. This is why I am here... to challenge traditions and lies...

© Chip Darby, 2010-2012. All Rights Reserved.
a photo of the final chapter radio show host, Chip Darby.